Cocktail Machine Hire

Slushie machine hire

Celebrate your next occasion with a Frozen cocktail machine.

Just add your favourite spirit to the mix and let the party begin!

700mls of Spirits equates to 3 – 3.5% Alcoholic Cocktails
1 litre of Spirits equates to 4 – 4.5% Alcoholic Cocktails

REMEMBER - Our machines are delivered on their own trolley so NO bench space or table required.

Below is a collection of our most popular premium cocktail flavours.  Just add your favourite spirits for the ultimate adult indulgence, or leave out the alcohol for a delightful mocktail that the kids can also enjoy. Your party is sure to impress your guests and be the talking point the next day.


A extra PREMIUM mix of your chosen flavours will be left "just in case" you run out and wanted more. That gives you complete peace of mind that there will always be enough and you will only get charged for the extras if you use them. If they are unopened when we arrive to collect the Cocktail or Slushie machine, we simply take them away with us..Its that easy!

So, here is a recap of what's included with our BOOK TODAY SPECIAL

  • TWIN bowl Cocktail/Slushie Machine hire (approx 120 drinks)
  • Choose 2 of our Premium mixes below
  • FREE delivery and set up
  • FREE cleaning and pick up
  • FREE 100 x 200ml Regular plastic cups and spoon straws view here
  • **Additional Refills will be supplied and only charged for if used**
Slushie hire Redland Bay   Frozen Drinks machine hire

To view our Kids Range of flavours CLICK HERE

If you already have a machine BUT need our popular cocktail flavours CLICK HERE

How do I hire a slushy machine


Full of over 1kg of pure Strawberry
juices,this one’s a classic.
Vodka (Cruiser) or
Bacardi (Breezer)


Fruit Tingle!

Wicked array of fruity tastes. Purple in Colour

Mango Madness!

It's FULL of Mango

(Vodka or Bacardi)


Pina Colada!

A delicious blend of real pineapple juice and coconut cream. If you like coconut cocktails this is for you.
(Bacardi or Malibu or Half of each)




Lemon and Lime, just as a Margarita should be.
(Tequila or Bacardi)



Sex On The Beach! 

Pure enjoyment with Peach, Orange and Cranberry.
(Vodka by itself or with Peach Schnappes)


Sophistication in a glass, Cranberry
juice with a good hint of Lime, Strawberry & Orange
(Vodka or Cointreau)

Blue Lagoon!

A  wonderful  blue cocktail infused with lemonade. Filled with Orange, Pineapple and Coconut 
(Bacardi or Vodka and can add Blue Curacao to either)

Head Rush!

Combination of Oranges, Peach and Strawberry. Yum



Kool Cola!

Just add your choice of favourite Spirit


Great 90's Classic! Melon with a touch of Vanilla.
(Vodka or Midori)

Or 50% of each.




A  infused taste of Lime, Mint and Soda.

(Bacardi or Vodka) 


A message from Get Slush'd:

  • Get Slush’d neither supplies or encourages the supply of alcohol, alcohol noted above or anywhere else on our site are for suggestion purposes only and comes down to personal preference.