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Slushy hire

Hire a Slushy Machine in Brisbane

Adults and Kids alike LOVE this Party
Favourite! and with so many flavours
to choose from.

Adult Flavours       

Kids Flavours          

                    or       Daiquiri Machine Hire Brisbane

Spit Roast hire

Spit Roast Hire - Brisbane

Heat up your party & show 'em all who the real chef at the party is!

Hire a spit roast

Karaoke Jukebox hire

karaoke Jukebox machine hire

With our Karaoke Jukeboxes you have over 4500 songs to choose from, also contains 1300 Karaoke tracks.

   Daiquiri Machine Hire Brisbane                    

PopCorn Hire

Popcorn Machine Hire Brisbane

With our 8oz (225grams) Popcorn Maker you'll have nice warm freshly made Popcorn in minutes... You'd be popping mad not too!

 Daiquiri Machine Hire Brisbane

Snowcone hire

Snow cone machine hire machine

Our Icing Mate can shave 3kgs of ice a minute so how many Snow Cones can you handle?

 Daiquiri Machine Hire Brisbane  

Candy Floss hire

Fairy Floss Machine Hire Brisbane

Haven't you always wanted to make your own Candy or Fairy Floss? Nows your chance to let your Kids experience what you wanted to do.

  Daiquiri Machine Hire Brisbane 

Arcade hire

Arcade Game Hire - Brisbane

Spice up your party & challenge your guests to battle it out on this arcade game with 60 classic games for your enjoyment. 2 Stools included.

Daiquiri Machine Hire Brisbane