Fairy/Floss Machine Hire Brisbane

Fairy Floss Machine Hire Brisbane | Candy Floss Machine Hire


Nothing beats a Party that has home made Fairy Floss.

The kids will Definitely be watching this, and for many will be the only time they see Fairy floss being made....what an experience!

Our Fairy Floss or also known as Candy Floss/Cotton Candy machines are the very best available from the US. We use these world known machines for their reliability, fast output and easy-to-use controls. Your friends and family will be calling you the Candyman...as you know, the Candyman can cause he/she mixes it with love; the Kids and your Guests will certainly LOVE this Party Favourite. The hardest decision you'll have is which flavours to choose.

One of the great things about fairy floss is that a very small amount of sugar creates a large volume of floss. The final product is mostly air. So you can enjoy the fun without consuming huge amounts of sugar. Our fairy floss comes in 3 flavours; Pink Vanilla, Blue Raspberry or Banana

Fairy Floss Machine Hire Brisbane | Candy Floss Machine Hire        Fairy Floss Machine Hire Brisbane | Candy Floss Machine Hire


  • Ready to use within a minute
  • Approx 65 serves worth (amples for a kids party)
  • 65 Cone Sticks Included
  • Your choice of Flavour
  • A Great Tasting Party Extra (Additional Serves Available)
  • Delivery and Pick up included
  • Some Cleaning Required
  • Requires a table/bench to sit on (customer to supply)
  • $135.00 per night
  • Pink Vanilla
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Banana