Popcorn Machine Hire Brisbane

Popcorn Machine Hire Brisbane

What a popping success!

Nothing beats the taste of FRESH and WARM Popcorn made right in your own home.

everyone will definitely be hanging around when they smell the aroma of warm fresh popcorn being made

Our Popcorn machines are the very best available from the US. We use these world known machines for their reliability, fast output and easy-to-use controls. Kids and Adults alike will enjoy the warm fresh taste that can only come from freshly "popped" popcorn with that GREAT buttery cinema taste that everyone loves.

If you are supplying your own additional Popcorn supplies the oil you use in our machines MUST only be coconut oil and must be shown to our drivers on delivery, the reason for this is most other oils burn at low temperatures and “bake into the heating kettle” where as coconut oil has a high burn temperature and therefore does not leave these traces and gives you a better end product.

  PopCorn Machine Hire   Popcorn machine hire



  • MASSIVE 225gm/8oz CAPACITY
  • Ready to use in 5 minutes
  • Approx 65 serves worth (amples for a kids party)
  • 65 x 17g bags Included
  • Plain Salted (As Cinema's)
  • A Great Tasting Party Extra (Additional Serves Available)
  • Delivery and Pick up Included
  • Cleaning Included 
  • Requires a table/bench to sit on unless hiring our Popcorn cart
  • Only $135.00 per night


PopCorn Cart Available for hire with Popcorn machine
(limited numbers)